DeeJay Shuffle Puck


Jumpin Entertainment can supply you with top notch DeeJay’s that not only spin great music, but also lead Line Dances from the 1940s – 1990’s and much much more!


If you need a Dee Jay or Live music for your special event, please contact us at or call 646-233-3338

Our DeeJays have an immense collection of music ranging from:

  • 1930s – 1950s Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Jump Blues, Roots Rock n’ Roll, Tango
  • 1960s – 1980s Disco, Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Dance Club, Neo Swing
  • 1990s – Present House, Rave, Pop and more

sonny & cher DeeJay team

Author: Studiopaolo

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